Paralyzed Pit Bull Ditched At Kill-Shelter To Be Euthanized Had Only 1 Wish

A Pit Bull, named Romeo, was completely neglected by his family. He had some treatable health conditions but rather than getting him help, they did the unthinkable.

Romeo’s former owner brought the poor pup to a kill shelter to be euthanized because he was paralyzed. A volunteer at the shelter found out that there might be a solution for Romeo’s condition.She made some calls and thankfully AMA Animal Rescue was happy to step in. They picked up Romeo from the shelter and brought him to a special neurologist.

The doctor explained that with diligent physiotherapy , Romeo could likely walk again. Romeo was a very friendly and lovely dog. He was so good with everyone he met!

Shortly after the rescue group raised the amount of money that was needed for Romeo’s surgery.  After a couple of weeks, Romeo was walking again! It truly was a miracle.

Unfortunately he had a setback. His eyes continued to shred and have become quite uncomfortable. The group brought him to an eye fixed specialist and he was diagnosed with Entropion, a condition where the eyelids are turned inward. Romeo needed a surgery again. As if the poor dog hadn’t been through enough!

His eye surgery was also successful. The doctor was pleased together with his progress and soon he was able to attend a family, however he was now fully recovered and needed a home.

Like many Pit Bulls, he was over-looked time and time again. Romeo wanted nothing quite to measure his life with a family that accepted him. He had been through numerous challenges and had been rejected multiple times. His only wish to find a loving home.

We wish brave Romeo good luck, and hope that he will soon find his forever home! Watch the video below for more information:




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