Woman Locked Eyes With Dog On Kill List, Had No Clue She’d Save A Dozen Lives

There is nothing more beautiful than the bond between a parent and child. But for one pregnant dog, that was living at a kill shelter, her life wasn’t the only one being threatened. She was scheduled to be euthanized while still pregnant. And no one had any idea! How devastating is that?!

A kind woman heard about the dog and came to adopt her at the shelter straight away. They formed a quick friendship and the woman couldn’t imagine life without the dog, she named Ilwol. Two weeks after bringing Ilwol home, her belly seemed to be growing! That is when the woman took her to the vet, writes ilovemydog.

Immediately after hearing about the dog, a kind woman adopted her from the shelter. Their friendship grew quickly and the woman couldn’t imagine her life without the dog, named Ilwol. Ilwol’s belly seemed to grow two weeks after she brought her home! That is when the woman took her to the vet.

When she went into labor, one puppy at a time made its way into the world. And they just kept coming! Ilwol’s mom stood by as a friend helped Ilwol through the delivery. It was a long, painful process but Ilwol was such a warrior. After she delivered 8 puppies, Ilwol’s mom was ready to let her dog rest. But Ilwol had other plans!

Ilwol gave birth to three more puppies… 11 little lives in total. This meant that Ilwol’s mom didn’t just save one life, she saved 12! What’s even more incredible was that when Ilwol could no longer nurse (her milk dried up), Ilwol’s mom bottle-fed each of her babies ALL DAY LONG!

Thankfully the puppies are now able to eat from a bowl but Ilwol’s mom is still caring for 12 dogs. It’s a lot of work but she promises to find all the puppies forever homes. She will not turn them away or give them to a shelter. She’s determined to make sure each and every dog has the best life possible. Isn’t she amazing?!

This wonderful rescue, as well as Ilwol’s surprise birth, are very much appreciated. The puppies deserve to find the right forever home, and we are rooting for them. Check out the video below to see more and meet some cute puppies for yourself!




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