Homeless Pup Wanted A Home So Badly, He’d Follow People Home

Unfortunately, South Africa has a huge homeless dog population. The “Dogbox Project” was launched by a group of dog enthusiasts who wanted to aid as many homeless dogs as possible. They help local groups by establishing kennels and supplying food and blankets. Homeless dogs in South Africa are accustomed to sleeping in the cold, but things were about to improve for them, reports ilovemydogsomuch.

While out and about doing their jobs, the Dropbox volunteers came upon a lovely stray dog. For obvious reasons, most strays are fearful, but not this dog! He started following them and refused to stop. Because he was yearning for a home, the volunteers understood the puppy would follow anyone who was friendly to him. What a horrible situation!

Scribble was the name given to the adorable puppy. Scribble had a noticeable limp when he walked. Scribble was most likely kicked by a person, according to the veterinarian who examined him. All because Scribble enjoyed following people around, looking for a place to call home. Had he “irritated” someone with a hard heart?

Scribble’s leg would mend without a hitch, but Sidewalk Specials still had work to do to complete his life. They brought him in and introduced him to the Hills Nutrition and Expresso Morning Show employees.

The cute puppy was featured on the show so that he and other canines available for adoption at Sidewalk Specials may find their happily ever after. Isn’t that something that all creatures are entitled to?

During the presentation, a family fell in love with Scribble. They had a gut feeling that this was the right dog for them.

Scribble will never have to deal with a rude stranger or sleep in the freezing weather again now that they are all reunited! Take a look at the complete video below! This is such a wonderful tale!

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