Injured, lost, unable to move, she howled in a dirty puddle until someone rescued her

Life can be incredibly hard for those who live on the streets. For animals that can’t do much for themselves, it’s a heartbreaking scenario. In many countries, deviations are rampant and there are not enough people who care or help, writes valuablestories

These animals’ lives are made even harder by the cold, rain and snow. A storm threatened the life of a severely injured dog unable to move. Dogs can suffer hypothermia just like humans. Despite the bruises and swelling on her leg, she just sat there crying in a dirty puddle as the rain continued to fall.

A woman with a wonderful heart finally arrived. She saw the poor anguished girl. The rescuer named Carina, picked her up and put her in her warm vehicle. After drying her with a towel, Carina tries to give her some food, but she refuses to eat. Her temperature is still dangerously low.

Back at the rescue center, the dog, now called Liberty, received a full exam. She had all the symptoms of distemper, but fortunately she tested negative. Still, she had nasal and eye discharge. Liberty got a hot shower. Carina prayed that Liberty would do do better now that she was warm and clean.

After her blood work came back, it is obvious that Liberty had a bad infection. The number of white blood cells are high. She is also anemic. Carina administered antibiotics and started Liberty on an iron-rich diet. If the iron fell further, she may needed an iron infusion.

Liberty was still fighting, but she was still very sick. Even so, her caregiver would not give up. Carina put her box in the sunshine, hoping it would help her feel better. She also gave her supplements to boost her immune system.

Liberty continued to fight. With the love and kindness of her savior, Carina, Liberty had a chance.

We are not sure what Liberty’s future holds since this is a recent rescue. But Nonetheless, at least she is no longer suffering alone on the streets. Let’s pray for a full recovery for her. you share this sDo you think others can help by sharing this?ou are a wonderful woman!





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