Two Months After Retirement, Police K9 Faces Life-Threatening Crisis

James Craigmyle has a very special bond with his dog, Lor. For the last eight years of Craigmyle’s service as Deputy Sheriff of Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Lor was right by his side as a K9 officer, writres ilovemydogsomuch

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The duo did everything together and Lor served Officer Craigmyle through thick and thin. Fans of the show LivePD may recognize the duo, as cameras followed them around during pursuits in Missouri.

“Lor was a fantastic police dog due to his courage, heart and relentless drive,” Craigmyle shared. “Whether it was sniffing out illegal narcotics or apprehending suspects who had fled from the police, he was a phenomenal asset to our team.”

In the months following Craigmyle and Lor’s retirement, Lor began acting strangely. Because Lor was breathing heavily and had a high fever, his diligent father knew there was something wrong.

There was a tumor in Lor’s intestines that ruptured, and the vets at the emergency hospital said he had a 50-50 chance of survival. K9 Lor wasn’t about to go down without a fight. The German Shepherd survived surgery and spent a week in the hospital.

Thanks to the folks at Project K9 Hero, 100 percent of Lor’s medical bills were covered.

These days, Craigmyle is a reserve deputy and he proudly admits spending time with Lor and wrapping his pills in pieces of cheese.

“After working together for so many years, we have developed an inseparable bond,” Craigmyle reported. “We relied on each other all the time, and having a dog can teach you a lot about compassion and companionship.”

Way to go, you two, and we wish you a happy, healthy retirement! 




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