Victimized Puppy Left On Interstate Gets A Sign To Remind Him He’s Worth It

Watch this video to discover how incredible the veterinarians and volunteers are. Dory has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis! Dory will spend her life as the lively canine she was meant to be, thanks to the compassionate folks who phoned for aid, the rescue team’s relentless commitment, and their vets!

Don’t ignore an animal in distress if you see one. One phone call might completely transform their lives.

Unfortunately, it was clear that Harris had not been abandoned. He was terribly abused and neglected. What drives a person to injure such a lovely creature is a mystery to us. Thankfully, there are much more nice people on our planet than bad. As you can see, Harris gains a lot of friends along the road who are willing to go to any length to ensure that he has a happy and healthy life.

When Harris first entered the room, he was unconscious. Medical personnel treated his wounds and him intravenous fluids and pain relievers. The volunteers sat next to him, waiting for the sweet kid to answer. It was now only a matter of waiting.

Knowing that having a fighting spirit and remaining mentally strong is a big part of recovery, the staff at SR made Harris a sign to remind him that he is loved, that his life matters, and above all, that he is brave!

When it became clear that Harris wasn’t reacting well, a shelter volunteer opted to spend the night with him for comfort. See! We warned you there are much more good people than nasty individuals in the world!

Harris needed a feeding tube at first, but within just a few days, he was able to lift his head and eat on his own! Look him up! What a tenacious little warrior!

Little Harris is sitting up and taking a bath in what feels like the blink of an eye! Take a look at how adorable this man is. That bottom lip is ridiculous!!!

Harris takes his first steps before you realize it. What a wonder! He requires assistance, but as you can see in the video below, he eventually walks on his own!

Harris continues to amaze the rescue volunteers with new feats every day. They weren’t sure if he’d make it or not. Of course, they hoped, and of course, they never gave up— yet Harris’ human pals were always shocked when he did something. They kept calling him a miracle. He is, without a doubt!

Harris then RUNS like the wonder dog he is!

Harris keeps on making his rescuers proud. He’s full of smiles– and now, he’s full of even more confidence. He’s still healing but no one doubts that he will make a FULL RECOVERY and find the perfect forever home.

Don’t deprive yourself, watch the video below to learn more about Harris and his amazing journey of transformation and hope. Consider donating to Stray Rescue of Saint Louis. They really are amazing too!




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