Man Cries “I Gained His Trust. Now I’m Backstabbing Him” And Sadly Lets Him Go

One of the most compassionate people on the planet had to make a difficult phone call. Ilovemydogsomuch says that he phoned Hope For Paws and told them about two homeless Pit Bulls he had been caring for near his home.

He couldn’t adopt them since he already had a little dog and was worried that they wouldn’t get along. The male Pit Bull is terrified of people, and it took him a long time to trust the gentle guy.

As the rescuers from Hope For Paws arrive and are taken to the dogs by the Good Samaritan, the female moves forward, directly towards them, and joyously welcomes her new pals. She wags her tail while she consumes her food. In the background, a male dog can be seen. He’s intrigued, but also terrified. The helpful individual clarifies the problem.

He adores the two dogs, eventually dubbed ‘George and Irene’ by the rescue. He was desperate to take them home with him. In fact, he believes that allowing the rescue to take him is betraying him because the male dog has such a hard time with strangers and only trusts him.

The kind man begins to cry. “I feel so horrible. I gained his trust and now I’m backstabbing him.” He pets his head and continues, “I’m sorry, bro. I’m so sorry, okay?” It really is quite a heartwarming and heartbreaking scene. He knows the two dogs will go onto a better life but he’s so conflicted parting with them. He loves them dearly and has fed them and loved them up as much as he could.

Neighborhood youngsters tossed rocks at George and Irene and called them names when they lived on the street. It wasn’t a healthy way to live for any dog. The good guy understands; seeing them leave crushes his heart.

Both canines are taken to the truck by the rescuers. George’s emotional support comes from Irene. She remains at his side. George is crated inside the automobile, while Irene is immediately outside his cage, defending her best friend. Irene is beaming with delight. She thinks she’s on her way to a better life, and she’s celebrating with her closest buddy.

The dogs get a lovely wash back at the rescue center. They are then subjected to medical examinations. The most incredible event occurs: George is diagnosed with bone cancer! He was able to get life-saving surgery since it was identified early. George’s life was saved by that nice man! In a variety of ways!

George’s leg had to be amputated to prevent the cancer from spreading, but he will be OK. On three legs, dogs are incredibly capable. Some can even run faster than dogs on four legs!

George is reunited with his sweetheart after he is well enough to be freed from the hospital center. Irene’s tail and joyous screams say it all when she meets George!

Both puppies are in wonderful hands. Instead of being’street dogs,’ they are being educated how to be pets. George is beginning to like everyone he meets. He’s starting to realize that the vast majority of individuals are trustworthy.

George and Irene are a bonded pair and will only be adopted out together. If you are interested or know someone who is, please visit Guardian Angel Pets’ website.

Please take the time to watch their rescue story below. It is so touching! Thank you to the kind man, Hope For Paws, and Guardian Angels!




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