Lady Patrolling ‘Dog Dump Site’ Found Cold, Panicked Baby Thrown There Purposely

Many families in this impoverished neighborhood cannot afford to have their dogs fixed or spayed. Unwanted litters are unfortunately prevalent. Most people don’t seem to mind when puppies that should be relinquished or rehomed are abandoned. They don’t make the necessary calls or attempt to help the pets themselves, according to ilovemydogsomuch.

Rescuers are compelled to police these well-known waste areas. A little dog moaned at one point at the rubbish dump. Fiona, the savior, could see he was exhausted and filthy. Who could abandon such a vulnerable creature is beyond comprehension! We’re simply thankful this little guy was discovered in time.

He was shivering from being afraid and chilled from being drenched by the rain when Fiona pulled him up. Panda was Fiona’s name for the dog. She assured Panda that everything would be OK as she carried him to her car. His days of being alone and terrified have come to an end… for good!

Now back at her home, Panda was given puppy formula. He lapped it right up! Fiona was so sad to see how hungry he was. She wondered if he even got to nurse on his mama before he was taken away and left in the garbage.

It was then time for a hot bath. Panda, on the other hand, is not a fan. Fiona attempts to make him feel better. She assures him that everything will be OK and that his hard days are over. He’s so little, yet he strives to be courageous!

Once he’s clean, warmed up and sporting a full belly, it’s time to show Panda the yard. He loves it! This little boy is on his way to a much better life. It’s as if his whole body and soul are smiling!

What follows in Panda’s story is AMAZING! It would be an understatement to say that his life has been irrevocably transformed. His new mother adores him and can’t see anybody else feeling the same way about Panda.

Unwanted pets are fighting for their lives, and it is our responsibility to alert the right authorities if we spot them. Pets, like children, are incapable of caring for themselves. They rely on us to act responsibly! Check watch Panda’s rescue to discover how he went from “discarded rubbish” to a spoilt adored pooch!




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