They Cry From A Ditch With Every Ounce Of Strength In Their 3-Day-Old Bodies

Sheriff Douglas Pernell of Dillon County, South Carolina, had had enough of animal torturers. He presented them with a novel concept. When Pernell discovered what had happened to a litter of 3-day-old puppies in his county, it was the final straw. As the previous head of a local animal shelter, Pernell is all too familiar with the abandoned and abused animals in his community. He thinks he’s finally found a way to cut down on the amount of harmed animals.

Something was recently discovered in a ditch by an employee of an animal shelter. The object turned out to be a litter of 12 puppies that were just a few days old upon closer observation. A callous guy had abandoned the puppies in the ditch, apart from their mother. He simply left them where they were. They would have perished if no one had discovered them. Two of the pups unfortunately perished. They delivered the remaining 10 puppies to a local shelter. They were in bad shape, with worms crawling all over their bodies.

,,I hope we can discourage people from leaving animals in ditches, abandoned houses or on the side of the road, as happened last weekend. I hope we’ll be able to educate them.” said Sheriff Douglas Pernell.

Fortunately, each of the ten puppies was bottle-fed. They have healed and are doing well so far. Meanwhile, elected authorities are looking into the situation and hoping for further information to come forward.

Please call the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office if you have any information. They may be reached at (843) 841-3721 or the Dillon County Animal Shelter can be reached at (843) 841-8844. If you can no longer care for your pet, I Love My Dog encourages you to call your local animal control authorities or a local animal shelter. Abandoning or disposing of an innocent animal is never a wise choice since it will almost always end in harm, maltreatment, death, or all three.




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