Feeble Dog Chained Up For 5 Years Wept As Rescuer Held Her Face In Her Hands

ilovemydogsomuch, a YouTube fan who follows Love Furry Friends online, wrote about a dog in her area.

For the previous five years, the unfortunate dog had been chained outside. She was severely malnourished and had lost all of her fur due to acute mange. Her owner didn’t feed her or care for her in any way.

The dog’s next-door neighbor would come over and feed her anything she could afford… which was stale bread. The gentle dog ate it whole, without chewing, through the fence. To say she was hungry would be an understatement. The Good Samaritan recorded the sad pup and included it in her letter. The rescue organization pledged to assist the dog and arrived the next day.

The rescuers were unyielding! They were going to save this dog’s life by taking her with them! They tried all they could to persuade the dog’s owner to relinquish her. It took hours of back and forth as to why the dog required treatment and that if she didn’t return her, they would report her to the police. Finally, the owner consented. She appeared to realize why they were there as soon as they approached the adorable puppy.

The adorable girl smiled and raised her head, as if to thank them. They patted her on the head and assured her that everything would be fine now. After five years, they eventually untangled her from the chain and loaded her into their truck. It was time for a full vet examination! It was time for a new start in life, as well as a new name. Lada was the name they selected for her.

She had a horrible form of skin ailment caused by fleas, according to the vet. Lada had been suffering for five years since she hadn’t been treated for fleas. Thankfully, she was in the proper hands at last! Lada wagged her tail for the first time when she stood on the examination table and received some attention from a rescuer. It was undoubtedly a fantastic moment!

Lada must spend a month in the veterinary facility. Until her weight is stabilized, she will require round-the-clock care. Lada learns what it means to be loved throughout this period. Her new pals come to see her on a regular basis and are overjoyed to see that her fur is coming back and that she is gaining weight. She has never felt love before at the age of five, but her future seems bright today!

Lada will soon be in good enough health to find her ultimate home. We’re overjoyed that she’s now free of the terrible chain and her callous owner. Click play on the video below to observe Lada’s rescue. Rescuers do everything they can to save as many people as they can.
Aren’t we all overjoyed for Lada?




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