The Dog Checks Up On Newborn Triplets To Make Sure They Are Safe

Sunny, a little Goldendoodle from Branford, Connecticut, is the delighted parent of three brand-new triplets. The dog visits the new family members every day to make sure everything is in order since he is so interested by them.

Credit: @Thebarnestrio

A video of Sunny checking on “his” pups that Lauren Barnes, a new mother, posted on TikTok quickly went viral. The endearing video, which Barnes has nicknamed “cuteness overload,” is making people smile online. Since the birth of her gorgeous triplets, Barnes has posted videos of them, and Sunny has been in most of them.

Credit: @Thebarnestrio

In the video, the triplets are all curled up on the couch and sleeping. Sunny has came to make sure, even if everything seems to be in order. The two-month-old infants appear to be looking forward to their canine companion’s arrival. This quick check in the morning is an adored family custom. Sunny holds one of the triplets in her arms while perched on a nearby footstool. To gain a closer look at these small folks, he sprawls out on the couch. He only stays long enough to make sure that the first child is happy and comfortable.

Then it’s time to check on the status of baby number two. Sunny once again extends his body and transfers his weight. The infant appears to perk up and observe Sunny with her sparkling eyes. Baby number three receives the last check with a kiss and a sniff. According to Sunny, everything is in order at the moment. “My mission here is done,” says Sunny the dog.

Credit: @Thebarnestrio

As if to convince her mother that everything is fine, Sunny lifts her gaze toward the camera. Now that he knows his kids are in capable care, he can finally unwind. What an amazing dog. In a different video, Barnes also shared a nice image of Sunny joining in on the cuddling. While keeping his infants warm and comfortable, Sunny is keeping an eye on them. Bravo, Sunny.

Most dogs love puppies and infants, but it takes a special breed to watch over them while offering them the most luxurious cuddling. I’m sure the infants enjoy Sunny’s company just as much as she does. Sunny will continue to be the kids’ best friend as they get older.




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