Shelter dog started crying when he recognized the man standing in front of him.

One of the Washington shelters received a young dog, practically a puppy. She behaved significantly differently from the other animals, though. They were both attracted to people on an equal level, cherished the employees at the shelter’s attention and care, and when guests came, they went out of their way to make them happy.

However, Roscoe was unique. He remained aloof and made no attempt to interact with the other animals or the staff members at the shelter, showing no signs of enjoyment at their arrival.

Such behavior might have been expected if Roscoe had been mistreated, but the volunteers who worked at this shelter were drawn to it because they had a deep compassion for animals.

The shelter workers decided to find out what the dog’s secret was because it was obvious that something bothered her. They shared a photo of him on social media.

And something incredible has happened. As soon as a farmer in the nearby hamlet noticed this message, he or she phoned the refuge. He said that his beloved puppy—who resembles Roscoe strikingly—went missing three years ago. The owner revealed that he had been unsuccessfully hunting for a pet for a full year.

The dog abruptly stopped and started to sniff as the man entered the shelter and walked toward the enclosure. Then, all of a sudden, he shrieked with delight, threw himself at his feet, raced around, and wagged his tail.

During the time in the shelter, no one saw him in such a state. The owner couldn’t stop crying when he saw that the dog remembered him and was so happy.




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