People Saved Dog Kept On Such A Short Chain She Couldn’t Even Rest Her Head And Now She Is Happy

While everyone loves happy endings, justsomething argues that we must not ignore the difficult beginnings of any narrative.

Similar to the tale of Cala, a mechanic’s guard dog in San Jose, Costa Rica, who endured a wretched life while restrained on a small chain that prevented her from breathing normally or laying her head down. She was malnourished and in poor health, suffering from wounds.

Thank goodness someone found her and took her to Territorio de Zaguates, where she began to slowly get better. Cala’s life was further complicated, though, when cruel individuals tried to enter the shelter undetected and gave the dogs sausages laced with poison.

The incident resulted in the deaths of 16 dogs, and Cala experienced some neurological issues. We’re happy to report that she eventually found a family who treats her well after overcoming challenging obstacles, assisting her in regaining her faith in people. View Cala’s touching tale through the photos below.

Years passed with Cala in this deplorable condition. She is unable to even breathe properly or rest her head down.

Finally, Cala was taken to Territorio de Zaguates, a canine shelter, by concerned neighbors.

For Cala, it was nearly too late. She was in a terrible state.

She was so hungry and covered in wounds when she was taken in that she was unable to even stand.

Cala’s recuperation was a protracted and difficult journey.
In addition to being weak physically, Cala also struggled with trusting anyone, including other dogs.

The rescuers were certain that they would assist her despite the challenging and drawn-out healing procedure.

Cala quickly got back into form.

Even yet, a new challenge entered her life once she had recovered.

Heartless individuals broke into the shelter and gave the dogs sausages that had been poisoned.

16 dogs were killed in the event, and Cala had neurological issues as a result.

But Cala was a strong dog, and she battled until she overcame a new obstacle.

Cala is currently enjoying the ideal life possible. She may now trust again since she has a new, loving family.




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