Rescued Lion Says Goodbye To Rescuer After twenty years With each other

Meet Jupiter, a cherished Colombian Lion that rose to fame while residing at Refgio Villa Lorena. Villa Lorena is a unique sanctuary for animals.

At a sanctuary in Cali, Colombia, Ana Julia Torres provides treatment for hundreds of mistreated animals, including Jupiter the lion. Many of the animals were formerly in the ownership of drug dealers who were apprehended.

Four lions, nine Bengal tigers, jaguars, cougars, a crocodile, a speckled bear, and an ostrich are among the animals that Ana Julia Torres tends to.

In addition, there are hundreds of vividly colorful birds, spider monkeys, and a chimpanzee named Jocko.

According to Ana Julia, all of them have experienced abuse.

According to reports, the lion, who was about 47st when it was relocated, has already dropped more than 31st.

She claims that they are disabled, have lost an arm or a limb, are blind, have trouble focusing, or have really lost an eye.

I have two human children and 800 other wonderful animals, some with claws and some with a lot of hair, according to Torres. Although there are over 800 animals in the sanctuary, Ana’s favorite was Jupiter the lion.

Jupiter was in the circus where he was frequently mistreated and had his claws removed until she intervened.

Jupiter, understandably, developed a terror of interpersonal contact as well as a loss of faith in humans.
This fear completely vanished once Anna Julia took care of him.

However, the lion was sent to Monteria’s Los Caimanes Zoo in good condition.

Because Anna Julia allegedly lacked the necessary paperwork to maintain the lion, authorities decided not to cure Jupiter.
Unfortunately, Jupiter rapidly lost weight and grew quite ill while he was in the zoo.

After losing more than half its body weight at a zoo, an emaciated lion that was spared from torture in a circus is now so frail that it can no longer stand.
Jupiter was moved to a location closer to Ana Julia in an effort to save his life.
Jupiter was residing in a refuge for animals in Cali, Colombia after being rescued from a life of circus abuse in which its claws were amputated. He traveled to the zoo in Cali to get rehabilitation, and there, veterinarians were on duty constantly to take care of him.

The doctors determined that he had anemia and fatal liver cancer. He was able to spend one more moment with his beloved Ana Julia.
Jupiter presently has renal and liver disease and is so skinny that Ana Julia Torres, who served as the sanctuary’s former caregiver, said she “could not recognize him.”
He is underweight, 90 kilograms, unable to stand or move, has damaged kidneys and liver, and I was unable to recognize him, according to Ana Julia Torres.

Jupiter passed away in 2020 after losing his battle with liver cancer, but his memory endures.




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