Pit Bull Starved on Heavy Chain all his Life! He Grabbed the Woman’s Hand And Begged to Rescue Him

Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine and sparked a conflict about seven months ago. Millions of people have now left the war-torn nation. Many animals have also been abandoned at the same time.

He was tied and abandoned, as shown in pictures from the Love Furry Friends YouTube channel, before being found by animal enthusiasts.

Two ladies in the video make eye contact with the chained dog, whose physique is a clear indication that it has been a while since he last had a satisfying meal.

He threw himself on a can of food that they had brought and couldn’t put it down. His ribs are sticking out from his body. They also saw that the chain around his neck had harmed his fur.

Toby, the dog, was permitted to visit the veterinarian, where the appropriate examinations were performed. This cute Ukrainian puppy is now seeking for a family, and we are crossing our fingers that he will succeed!

Following the war in Ukraine, the EU has new pet regulations.
A large number of animals have also fled Ukraine with their owners, and in the spring, the European Commission made it simpler for pet owners to transport their canine companions to EU member states. However, a number of authorities draw attention to the fact that, particularly in terms of dangerous illnesses like rabies, the infection situation among pets in Ukraine is very different from that in the EU.

It is actively interested in Sweden, a nation akin to the Netherlands. The Swedish Agriculture Council has provided a thorough explanation of the issue on its website.

“At the moment, there are special regulations for pets traveling with their displaced Ukrainian owners. The Swedish Agriculture Council notes that this implies “we analyze on a case-by-case basis what steps are needed. The evaluations are largely about the risk of the animal transmitting rabies and how that risk should be controlled so that human or animal health in Sweden is not at risk.
There are several rabies cases each year in both dogs and cats in Ukraine, a nation with a high risk for the disease.

We truly hope that a new home is found for this wonderful little puppy as soon as possible!




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