Thanks to a nice stranger who saw the pregnant pit bull hiding in the thorny bushes by the side of a road in Lemoore, California, the dog and her babies are now safe.

When the woman first struggled to locate the dog’s babies, she phoned Kings SPCA Halfway Home for assistance. Together with the mom, they were able to locate the puppies hiding in the dense underbrush.

The heartless owner who had abandoned the pregnant dog on the side of the road was denounced by Kings SPCA Halfway Home after the family had reached safety.

On Facebook, Kings SPCA Halfway Home stated:

We can tell you don’t care since you ditched your pregnant, one-year-old dog in the middle of nowhere, said the owner of our newest member. She was assaulted by other animals when she was looking for food, but we know you don’t care about that.

She had to crawl through thorny bushes to give birth in order to keep her babies safe, but we know you don’t care about that. We are aware that you are already unaware of the expression on her face as you left after tossing her aside like a used tire on the side of the road.

“We also understand that YOU are the reason we keep rescuing these incredible animals. She clearly possesses more compassion and generosity than you do, as we all know. Your lack of empathy for this lovely mother is abhorrent. She isn’t garbage. Therefore, don’t worry, you little selfish, callous, lazy, and uneducated skull. She is not in need of you.

“She was fortunately found three days before we picked her up. Kelly Leavens Tarlton, who was nearby visiting family, was the one in whom she eventually placed her faith. Mother was overflowing with milk, but there were no puppies to be seen.

“When I got there, she was drinking up the affection from her new human companion. We tied her up while watching YouTube videos of pups weeping. She stood up, and we started to move. We made sure to tell her how awesome she was for being so courageous in that situation. Good mother, let’s locate the infants!

She took Kelly into a vast clump of trees and bushes some distance down the road. Kelly didn’t pause as she clambered over and under big branches while being pushed and prodded from all sides until Momma entered a small, deep hole in the bushes.

Kelly said, “We found them!!!!”

“When we finally got all the pups in a crate and got them and Momma into the car she put her face next to the crate, she let out a long breath and closed her beautiful eyes.”

“She was able to relax at last. She didn’t have to be concerned about being assaulted or losing her puppies. She didn’t need to be concerned about getting food. She and her children were secure.

“We are grateful to Kelly, a nice woman, who phoned us and waited with her until we could get to the location where Momma was discovered. The majority of people wouldn’t follow a dog into uncharted bush, but one woman didn’t hesitate.

It serves as a reminder that there are still kind, unselfish individuals working to rescue lives, or in this case, entire families.

All of Mama’s puppies are doing well and are in good health.




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