Sweet Chihuahua Nessie was born without her front legs as a result of negligent breeding.

When it comes to needy animals, people may be quite nasty and judgemental. Every time we hear a horrible story, our hearts ache.

In an effort to locate a family willing to give them another opportunity, thousands of pups are left in shelters every year. Pets with particular requirements may, however, find this to be a little more challenging. Cute Chihuahua Nessie McNubbins was born without both of her front legs.

In the American state of Texas, Nessie resides in Katy.
Although she was a little different from the other canines, she was so full of love and embraced every day with enthusiasm. Nessie had a genetic condition that prevented her from having an anus. Usually, this is the outcome of careless breeding techniques.

Nessie is healthy other from the fact that she is missing her front legs.

When a “strange” puppy, like Nessie, is born, some people just dump them since they didn’t take the required precautions to care for previous babies. The adorable Chihuahua’s early years were challenging since he had trouble finding a family. Nobody was interested in raising a dog like her.
Nessie was three times adopted before being given back.

Finally, Theresa Locayano fell in love with Nessie the moment she discovered her tale on social media.
Although Teresa had no prior experience with pets with disabilities, she felt compelled to assist the young girl for some reason. After she came at the shelter with the intention of adopting Teresa, Teresa and Nessie quickly seemed to get along.

“When I saw her I thought she must be very scared to have spent so much time in this shelter. She’d been returned several times, and it was past time for someone to assist her.’

Once Theresa called the rescuers and left them speechless, Nessie finally got her forever family. Theresa wanted to adopt additional pups like Nessie so she could provide them with a life full of love.

Loyacano discovered how much she loves assisting dogs in need after adopting Nessie. After a little more than a year, she added Frankie Lou to her family. A more adult dog named Frankie Lou shares the same problem as Nessie and was born that such. The family had to witness Frankie Lou grow up and master walking on two legs because Loyacano adopted him as a puppy.

Ali was a second two-legged dog that Loyacano got less than a year after Frankie Lou. Shortly after taking care of Ali, a little Chihuahua, Loyacano developed feelings for her. She took Ali in as a permanent member of her family since she couldn’t resist the cute little dog. Currently, all three dogs are together. If it weren’t for Loyacano’s generosity, they might not have found their everlasting homes. But now they are achieving their goals!
This is how Nessie first met her little siblings, who have since bonded into a joyful pack and love to play and run around the house pleading for cuddles from their mother.

When Nessie was eight years old, she was adopted.

After Theresa contacted various veterinarians, they created a unique chair just for Nessie. The adorable chihuahua, however, is more at ease jumping and walking because of his high level of enthusiasm and desire.
Finding a family took a while, and now that she has one, she is prepared to cherish every moment of happiness.

Nessie and her brother Frankie Lou are really good pals.
Adopting a dog with special needs is something that many people hesitate to undertake. It is a difficult issue, but the affection that is given in return is enormous. They are furries who have come to us to impart an important lesson on the value of helping people in need.

Nessie celebrated her adoption by bounding to her new home like a kangaroo on her strong hind legs after years of rejection! She shares her forever home with her two challenged brothers, and the three have become close friends.

We see Nessie moving delightfully like a kangaroo in this video! Mom claims that while the Chihuahua has a wheelchair, she seldom ever uses it. Nessie is a strong-willed young woman who is autonomous, has gladly embraced her shortcomings, and is committed to living her best life.

Give a puppy like Nessie a chance without holding back.

Click on the video below to see Nessie having a great time as a little kangaroo!




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