Oliver Was Surprised Somebody Wanted To Touch Him. Rescuer Couldn’t Keep The Tears Away

Oliver’s eyes just had an expression of despondency.

His complexion had a vivid red color, and he frequently lost almost all of his hair. His body was covered in sores and scrapes from scratching himself so desperately. He was still in a cage at this point, trembling with terror and unaware of his whereabouts.

He was just found wandering the streets of Chicago by a kind Samaritan, who took him to Chicago Pet Treatment and Control to get assistance. The 1-year-old pet’s exact lifespan was unknown, but it was obvious that no one had given him any attention in a while.

According to Stephanie Lee, a volunteer and foster parent at the shelter, “He had the worst case of control I have ever ever witnessed.” “I honestly simply began crying as I walked past his cage. While sipping, he was also licking his paws. The raw and polluted state of his body caused several areas of it to bleed.

At that point, Tanner Smith, a shelter employee at Knox Region Humane Culture, was contacted by Lee to help get Oliver out of the busy city shelter and into a caring foster home.

Smith told The Dodo, “I immediately fell in love instantly when I first met him. He seemed awful. I was aware that we had to assist him.

Oliver continued to feel uncomfortable, but it was obvious from away that all he wanted was to be loved. He began rolling about them as shelter volunteers knelt down next to him on the ground, and his tail wouldn’t stop wagging.

Although Oliver’s background is unknown, Lee and Smith believe he was once a human before ending up on the streets.

He wasn’t underweight when he was found, according to Lee. He appears to have been a pet whose owner neglected to take him to the doctor when his skin started to deteriorate. When he actually did not get better, they just dumped him.

Oliver was diagnosed with demodex mange and secondary skin diseases following a thorough veterinary examination. Oliver was invited to remain with Lee and Johnny on April 4 after Lee fitted him up with his own room in their home.

He was so uncomfortable that Lee predicted he would spend the entire night tossing and turning. For a period, he “actually didn’t sleep well.”
Oliver had daily light baths with a medicated shampoo from Lee to help clean up his skin. Later, Lee applied lotions and coconut oil to Oliver to reduce inflammation.

Most dogs would try to exit the restroom or get quite anxious, according to Lee. “However, he would undoubtedly just sit there in comfort, as if he knew I was attempting to help him. It was quite exceptional.

Oliver achieved a breakthrough after almost four weeks of daily bathrooms, creams, and medications. His excruciatingly itchy skin had begun to clear up, and he had suddenly stopped spending his days in pain.
In fact, he was smiling.

Lee said, “He stopped trying to clean his body wherever to seek relief. “He just started talking. He longed for love. He was itching to play. He yearned to take strolls. It was wonderful to observe him acting like a regular, content dog.
As the days passed, Oliver continued to become better and better. He started becoming agitated out about toys and even started running with Lee. He grew enthusiastic in meeting new people and other dogs as well.
He’s just a big puppy that wants to play,” Lee remarked. “But he can also be quite loving, kind, and cuddling.”

Oliver has been with his foster parents for six weeks and is now healthy and mange-free.

He is currently looking for the appropriate family members to spend his days with—a moment Lee and Smith are eagerly anticipating.

They can’t wait for Oliver to finally get the loving home he deserves after witnessing his tremendous desire to recuperate.

Smith remarked, “It’s like he’s falling in love for the first time. Additionally, he just enjoys everyone back.




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