Rottweiler Dog Does Not Accept End Of Walk, Refuses To Get Out Of Car And Video Makes Web Laugh

After going to Dunkin Donuts, where he gets a treat, his owner observed, “He never wants to get out of the car.”

After sitting like a person in the seat and refusing to get out of the car, Vinny, a rottweiler dog, took over social media.

The incident took place in Salisbury, United States, on October 28. The dog’s owner caught him attempting to hide so that he wouldn’t be taken away from the automobile.

In the footage, she can be heard saying, “Vinny, I can see you, I can still see you.”
You must exit the vehicle, she said. “Come on, you can’t hide.”

Her guardian said, “You have to go; we can’t stay in the car.”

As shown in the video posted on November 22 by the ViralHog YouTube channel, the rottweiler tries to hide his owner’s view by placing his head as far back as possible in the seat.

Vinny enjoys automobile rides a lot. He is seated like a person! He is the cutest and most loving dog there is. After visiting Dunkin Donuts or the bank, where he receives a gift, he never wants to get out of the automobile, the user emphasized in the description.

The article had more than 16000 views overall.

One woman said, “Vinny’s straight little legs are so funny.”

Although they are such large infants, rottweilers have a poor reputation. My grandfather used to sulk and adore being on my grandmother’s lap! Mary exclaimed, “He was a marshmallow!”

“Thank you, whomever posted the video; I appreciate it. It made me smile and brightened my day, remarked Jojo.

Watch the hilarious scene in the video below:




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