Garbagemen Crushing Trash In Their Truck, Hear Cries For Help From Plastic Bag

Two garbage collectors were going about their everyday business when they came upon something sad.

The two workers were preparing to smash debris in their truck while out on a run for their garbage disposal firm when they heard a frantic scream. They instantly stopped what they were doing to investigate when they noticed it was coming from one of the bags.

They looked inside the plastic bag where the noise was coming from and were startled when they found it. A little, emaciated kitten that had been drenched with gasoline was what they were seeing.

The defenseless kitten had been deliberately covered in combustible gas by some evil human being who had made the decision to actually toss her away as well.

It was a reprehensible and filthy act, and there is no justification for it.

We are grateful that these two brave men were able to save this adorable grey cat in time. Without even thinking twice, they took care of the little critter right away and took her to the vet’s office.

The kitty was starving and extremely dehydrated. It’s a miracle that she even survived until she was found, especially considering the closed space she was trapped in and the toxic fumes she had been forced to inhale.

She was given the name Maisy and immediately rose to modest prominence, earning the moniker Miracle Maisy.
She is doing well and enjoying all the admiration, love, and care she has been receiving. Her charming personality is also evident.
She will eventually be in a state of health where she may be given a permanent residence. We are thrilled that Maisy will be living with people who adore her and send her all the love and happiness she deserves.
Without the sanitation workers who discovered her and brought her the assistance she so urgently needed, this would not even be conceivable. They went above and above, and as a result, they helped save Maisy’s life.

Going to such efforts to get rid of a tiny, helpless creature is abhorrent, and no animal should ever be abandoned. It is not acceptable for someone to treat an innocent creature in this way just because they no longer desire the animal. Miracle Maisy deserves so much more than this, as do all abandoned animals.




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