Tears Of A Heartbroken Dog Being Saved Minutes Before Off To Meat Market

As he became aware that his time was running short, a devastated dog sobbed. But his heroes arrived just in time to save him from the meat market, which would have turned him into a cup of soup.

Throughout the past, almost 10,000 pups were killed in Asia, but that number has subsequently decreased to 1,000.

The Western world, where dogs are regarded as man’s best friend, nevertheless finds it difficult to accept images of caged animals waiting to end up on a plate of food.

The dog sobbed in relief at being saved as well as sorrow over what it had to through.

He was housed in a squalid cage with fifty others of his kind. The same outcome awaits them all: demise and the following sale of their meat for human nourishment.

This happened when Humane Society International volunteers who went to the slaughterhouse in the South Korean city of Yongin to intervene filed a complaint.

Together with other regional pro-animal groups, the operation to save Robin from this terrible predicament was carried out.

And despite various restrictions, rules, and experiences, many businesspeople still engage in this reprehensible crime for financial gain.

An incredible video makes it possible to witness the old puppy’s rescue. In addition to being imprisoned, he consumed very little food and barely a few droplets of water.

The rescuers were pained to discover that as they carried him away, his eyes were wet with tears. These tears may have been ones of joy at being saved by these wonderful and kind people, or they may have been tears of acceptance to his fate.

Robin started to weep as soon as we pulled it out. His eyes were moist, but I’m not sure if it was from happiness or despair, said a Humane Society International member.

I would never again have to experience hunger or be alone and miserable due to a bad fate.

Following the dismantling of the horrifying, totally secret farm used for the production of dog meat, the fate of the animals was unclear.

The most certain thing is that if the foundation hadn’t acted quickly to protect animal rights, they would have been sacrificed.

They informed us of their experience via a social media post that garnered a lot of positive comments.

Similar to him, 50 more specimens that were all discovered to be in terrible shape were also saved. Some people, however, were not as lucky.

Fortunately, from this point on, the fluffy creatures who have been transported to a veterinary clinic will only hear good news. As they wait for a family that will treat them with love and respect, they will start therapy to restore their physical and emotional integrity. what is owed to them.

“Ultimately, we will seek an ideal home for each one that will make them happy and integrate them into a good adopting family.” They add from the foundation.

Animals are not to blame for their birth, for being born on the streets, for being ill, or for being victims of people with poor or no moral character.

Fortunately, it appears that more people are becoming aware of proper animal care; even while some may still choose to ignore it, there will always be ethical people ready to defend their rights.




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