Woman Finds Starving Dog Dumped On Verge Of Death, Fights The Odds To Save Him

A woman called Pia was out and about on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, over the 2017 Christmas holiday when she came across a weak, skeleton dog that was left outside and covered in sores all over. The dog was submissively waiting to die. Pia felt she had to assist him right now.

The dog appeared unlikely to survive the night because of how frail he was. Pia sobbed as she picked up the frail puppy and hurried him to the veterinarian. The dog’s spirit, however, had already been broken by abandonment at that point. He did not respond to any therapy and simply sat there, his eyes vacant.

Pia, however, did not give up easily. She sat by the dog’s side for the following 48 hours, encouraging him to take in food and liquids and do all in his power to maintain his life. A miracle occurred after Christmas Day when the dog regained his desire to live, proving that Pia’s fervent prayers were answered!

Pia chose to give him the name Hercules in order to activate his survival instincts. Hercules astonished Pia by standing up on his own after several agonizing and restless nights.

Pia made the decision to keep Hercules forever. Since his fur has grown back, Hercules now seems unrecognizably changed, and he spends his days being the happiest dog with mom Pia. We are grateful for Pia’s love and faith, which enabled Hercules to emerge as a remarkable survivor.

Check out Pia’s unwavering tenacity in the video clip below to see Hercules being revived!




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