This Dog Has Been Waiting YEARS For Someone To Love Her

Sometime in 2008, Auburn was rescued from a large shelter in West Virginia. Nobody is certain how she came to the shelter or how long she was homeless before she arrived. Better Days Animal League saved her from the shelter, and she has been looking for a home ever since. There have been nine full years.

It’s completely feasible that Auburn, who is now 12 years old, has never known what it’s like to live in a house or have a family. It’s difficult to comprehend how this adorable dog has continued to be disregarded given how much she likes humans and enjoys receiving attention of any type.

According to Abbi Crowe, a volunteer and board member of Better Days Animal League, “she was deemed severely dog aggressive when she first got to the rescue, and I do not think she was promoted greatly for the first couple of years due to these behavioral concerns.” Since then, all management has changed, and during the past few years, we have aggressively worked to advance her. She still seems to be forgotten, but we still believe she would thrive as an only pet.

Auburn, who has so many wonderful qualities to give a future family, has been homeless her whole life simply because she doesn’t always get along with other dogs.

Auburn is a dog who enjoys cuddling and taking protracted naps and will do everything for a reward. She adores taking vehicle trips and is often referred to as Miss Piggy because of her cute little snort. The staff has had lots of time to come to know and love her because she has been with the rescue for such a long time, and they are all certain that she would be a wonderful addition to any family who decides to give her a chance.

Potential adopters have sometimes shown interest in adopting Auburn over the past few years, but regrettably none of them were close enough to come meet her first. Because everyone wants to be sure that the person who adopts Auburn is a suitable fit, the rescue is making a “meet and greet” a must. The rescue wants to make sure that she stays with whoever adopts her.

Auburn, a 12-year-old dog, is actually in excellent condition. She is on weight management food and joint supplements for her minor joint troubles, and has a few lumps and bumps that occur with aging but which vets have indicated are not concerning. Other than that, Auburn is sound, energetic, and prepared to play with anyone who wants to.

Although the rescue would like for Auburn to be the only dog in her new home, it is happy to accept families with another dog as long as Auburn can meet and spend time with the dog on numerous occasions prior to the adoption being complete.

Auburn is a wonderful dog who has never had the opportunity to demonstrate what a wonderful pet she can be. Despite her age, she has 12 years of love to give because she has never had a home, and she is eager to share that love with anybody who would give her a chance.




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