Lonely Truck Driver Adopts Stray Cat And Now He’s Co-Pilot On The Road

Paul Robertson is an honorable trucker. He obviously enjoys what he does since he has been doing it for a long time. But when he’s following on a long journey, loneliness frequently gets in the way. It’s not easy, let’s be honest, to stay awake when traveling alone at night, but Paul won’t be stopped, especially if he has a deadline to meet.

He had a cat named Howie that traveled with him on his back and forth journeys.

They traveled together for numerous hours and spent years as close friends. Howie tragically lost away in 2017. Anyone who has ever owned a pet can attest to the difficulty of moving on after losing a pet. Nobody, not even Paul, is free from this painful experience.

When he lost his cherished cat, he was extremely sad.

That didn’t, however, stop him from yearning for yet another animal friend. Soon after, he went to a shelter for animals to seek for another kitty. He met a ginger cat there by the name of Percy.

The cat had a lost tooth, a ripped right ear, and scars.

Paul wanted Percy despite all of his imperfections.

He immediately saw that the two of them would be the ideal match.

In the end, Percy had a difficult life. Before being saved, he was a homeless man. The former stray cat had a good outlook inside despite all. He continued to be a kind and caring person.

Percy was finally taken in by Paul and adopted.

No more alone travel.

The cat couldn’t be happier that Percy quickly became Paul’s “purrfect” co-pilot on his lengthy journeys. The cute cat was happy to go on any journey, long or short, in any kind of weather, and he was always there to go with his new human dad.

Paul said on Facebook, “He’s really friendly and loves to climb on my lap, up my chest, and then rub cheeks with me.

He enjoys playing. He purrs a lot. He loves to eat and sleep since, of course, he is a cat.

Paul also cherished photographing his kitty companion and made it a practice to post them on social media. Percy quickly gained a sizeable following online, and they all like his inherent charm.

Unlucky thing happened.
Paul saw that the passenger window was down when he awoke in February 2017 around dawn. He immediately thought of Percy, who was thereafter nowhere to be seen.

He had experienced the same thing in the past, typically when a bird was outside. But things were different then.

Paul attempted to contact him and also looked about the vicinity of the rest break. Sadly, despite his best attempts, Percy remained inside.

A storm was predicted to arrive that day, which only served to worsen the situation.

Paul announced that Percy was missing on social media after realizing that he had run out of alternatives and needed assistance from the public.

People volunteered to assist Paul in his hunt, but Paul simply couldn’t hold out any longer.

He was aware that every minute counted in finding his cat and performing his duties as a driver.

“I operate a company vehicle… And I promised to have it delivered by such-and-such a time when I signed on the dotted line. I am unable to stay if I so choose,” he stated.

Paul was compelled to leave to carry out his obligations under his employment. He had to decide between being Percy’s father and a full-time truck driver.

He traveled 400 kilometers to complete two deliveries when all of a sudden, a miracle occurred!

Percy, a stray cat smeared in grease, emerged from under his truck!

He appeared to be both very hungry and really worn out. Paul took care of his cat right away after it went missing. Paul promised himself he would never lose track of his cat again after that terrifying situation.

It’s good to live alone sometimes because you can do things your way, but if I were alone, I wouldn’t be laughing like this, I thought as I laughed at one of his pranks the other day. Paul said, “Percy is healthy for my spirit and soul.




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