Pup Holds On & Fights For Every Breath After Siblings Died In Blistering Heat

There are puppy prints in this story, which some compendiums could find upsetting.

In Corpus Christi, Texas, Patricia Reyes was on her way to work when she noticed a pack of famished and overheated puppies on the side of the road. It was a scorching hot day.

Indecently, she reversed her car to assist the helpless pups. She attempted to give one of them a sandwich and some water, but she refused both of them.

In an effort to aid the animals, Reyes wrote about them on Facebook.

Following Reyes’ Facebook post, Elizabeth Lilly, a canine helper for 20 years, decided to assist.

When Lilly was en route, the only pup still living had already perished. The puppy, which Lilly called Ainsley, had crept into a bookcase and was curled up inside to find solace. He also attempted to put his little head over the shelf but failed.

Aline, a member of his family, was standing next to a garbage bag, hunting for food.

The remaining puppy was in critical condition and required urgent medical treatment. Lilly immediately bundled him into her car and rushed PeeWees to the veterinary hospital.

Lilly continued to give her hugs while urging her to hang on and fight. She repeatedly seemed to be out of breath as her head dropped back and her eyes widened, yet she persisted in coming back.

She made the decision to call the dog Grace.

Grace is improving every day, thanks to his rescuers and a fantastic veterinary team. He will attend a deliverance the following week and will be open for surrender.

We don’t have a slapdash problem, Lilly said 3 News. “I used to think we had one. We have an issue with mankind.

In a community with the resources we already have, leaving children by the side of the road shouldn’t be an option, Lilly continued. If you give them a chance, there are many deliverances that they will accept.

Ainsley and Aline’s remains are now in a unique location alongside the other deliverances that Lily was unable to rescue after being incinerated.




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