Italian Town Becomes The First City In The World To Switch To Silent Fireworks To Prevent Anxiety In Pets

Fireworks are exciting, lovely, and connected to joy and celebration. There’s something about them that unites us and appears to speak to us on a deeper level.

Unfortunately, despite how lovely they are, many pets and pet owners find them to be a complete misery.

Animals have been known to get terrified by fireworks to the point of panic, and many unfortunate puppies, cats, and other animals suffer from anxiety brought on by fireworks.

In fact, some animals get so terrified that they flee and unintentionally damage themselves; this anxiety can even be fatal.

Even though it seems obvious that animals’ welfare comes before pyrotechnics, few individuals are willing to give up the latter.

And to a certain extent, it makes sense—the majority of us enjoy seeing fireworks, so in a perfect world, we could have our cake and eat it, too.

That means, continue to enjoy our pyrotechnics without injuring or scaring animals.

Good news: We can do it!

Silent fireworks do exist, albeit not everyone is aware of this.

The first municipality in the world to totally transition to utilizing exclusively quiet fireworks is Collecchio, an Italian town in the Parma District of Italy.

Any fireworks that are fired off must be of the silent variety, whether it is a private or official celebration.

This is an excellent move that makes a significant statement, and other municipalities will undoubtedly follow suit.

For all animals and animal lovers out there, this is undoubtedly fantastic news.

Noisy fireworks will undoubtedly be extinct at some point, and no animal will have to endure suffering because of our festivities.

By adopting this decisive action to lessen animal suffering, the town of Collecchio is actually making a difference.

By taking this action, they are demonstrating to the rest of the globe that converting to quiet fireworks is legitimate and practical, and as more and more communities follow their lead, this will undoubtedly improve the lives of many animals.

This effort has certainly delighted animal lovers everywhere.




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