Heartbroken Dog Found Riding A Bus All Alone Needs A Forever Home After Nobody Came To Look For Her

A lone traveler was picked up by the 620 First Bus in West Yorkshire last week. Everyone was heartbroken when an abandoned Staffie-mix got on the bus in Bierely and sat by himself.

She remained still in her seat and gazed about while sniffing the air as if searching for someone who wasn’t present.

Until the bus arrived at its destination and personnel could help the abandoned little vagrant get off the bus, her other passengers took care of her.

After that, she was brought to Cliffe Kennels, where she was given the name Olive and cared for while waiting for her owner.
She appeared to be completely alone in the world as the days went by with no one stepping forward to claim her.

Olive, though, was about to be lucky. In an effort to reunite Olive with her owner, Gemma Burton, who had been on the bus with Olive, had taken a picture of the sad dog and posted it on social media.

Gemma’s message gained a lot of attention after being shared thousands of times on Facebook and being picked up by other news outlets. Olive received love and well wishes from people all around the world in an effort to ensure her happy ending.

It appears like the joyful ending is finally here. Several people have gotten in touch with Olive and stated their want to open not only their homes but also their hearts to her, even if Olive’s original owner hasn’t stepped forward.

Olive will move into her new home very soon, according to Denise Ball, owner of Cliff Kennels.

Olive’s joyful ending may also herald a fresh beginning for a number of other abandoned puppies. Olive can only be adopted by one family, but there are many of other canines presently seeking for a forever home. Denise hopes that those who aren’t able to adopt Olive may think about going to one of Yorkshire’s rescue facilities and adopting a different dog.

Olive’s lonely days are almost over and we are sure that she’ll be very happy in her new forever home.




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