Pit Bull Saves Her Mom’s Life And Refuses To Leave Her Hospital Bed

Dogs enhance our quality of life. They show us love and comfort, lift our spirits when we’re down, and make us laugh till we’re in tears. And in Shauna Darcy’s case, Ruby, her adorable dog, has not only made her life better but also saved it.

Because Darcy struggled with anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia and believed a service dog may assist her, Ruby and Darcy were originally brought together. From the beginning, Ruby performed a fantastic job and immediately won Darcy’s affection. They had no idea that Ruby’s devotion to her new mother would ultimately save Darcy’s life.

Ruby observed something that concerned her while she was still undergoing training to become a service dog.

In an interview with The Dodo, Darcy says, “She started picking up on fluctuations in my heart rate and would act odd — for example, paw at me, try to grab my attention, jump on top of me, etc.”

Darcy made the decision to seek medical treatment after listening to Ruby’s concerns. Shauna was diagnosed with vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome at the medical facility, a rare and potentially fatal cardiac ailment.

Darcy’s life had already been significantly impacted by Ruby, but she wasn’t quite done.

Ruby’s training has changed to concentrate on Darcy’s heart problems, and she now assists her mother in getting her meds and keeping an eye on her heart rate.

Then, a matter of weeks ago, Ruby began warning Darcy that something was really wrong. Despite feeling good, Darcy chose to put her confidence in Ruby and dialed an ambulance.

Her life could have been saved by this choice. She was in severe agony and almost aware when she got to the hospital because her heart had entered atrial fibrillation, a condition in which the heart rate increases abnormally.

Darcy was being helped by the physicians, but Ruby wouldn’t leave her mother’s side.
Ruby would simply snuggle up close to Darcy in her hospital bed, even if she was unresponsive. Ruby was aware that Darcy required her affection and assistance.

Darcy is immensely appreciative of her adorable dog and realizes how fortunate she is to have such a wonderful buddy in her life. She is confident that Ruby will stand by her side and protect her at all times.




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