Stray Puppy Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued From The Streets, And The Video Goes Viral

After being rescued from the streets, a video of a cute puppy waving her tail and grinning went viral. Layla, the dog, was found walking the streets by herself for many days until Beaumont Animal Care came to her aid. A member of the Animal Care team named Rachel Barron went to the dog’s kennel and struck up a conversation with the animal. The dog was delighted enough to grin when she spoke in a baby-like voice. The small canine most likely received care and attention from a person for the first time that day.

Layla showed her gratitude for Rachel’s kind gestures by grinning and wagging her delicate, small tail. Fortunately, she was able to record the touching scene on her camera, and it quickly went viral.
Unsurprisingly, they had a number of questions about adopting Layla after the video was broadcast, and a local couple was selected to be Layla’s new family.
When they first brought Layla home, she rapidly adapted to her new surroundings and bonded with her new family’s other pets.

A sweet video of a happy rescue dog wagging her tail and grinning went viral.

The dog was found walking the streets by herself for a few days before Beaumont Animal Care came to her aid.

It was actually a member of the crew who recorded and posted the popular video, and the dog’s name was Layla. Layla’s kennel was approached by Rachel Barron, who began speaking to Layla in a babyish tone.

Barron’s method of speaking made Layla laugh, and she joyously waggled her tail. Barron was able to capture the entire event on camera, and it quickly became popular.

A lot of people started calling to inquire about adopting Layla. A local couple was chosen to be Layla’s new parents and she felt right at home with them and their other dogs.




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