Trail Camera Catches Bear Cub Taking A Bath With A Toy Bear He Found

Tamarack, an orphaned bear cub, was saved from a wildfire area in Northern California last year after having his paws scorched. To the amazement of his rescuers, he was being treated for his wounds at a wildlife care center when he made it back into the wild.

Fortunately, Tamarack is still alive and well despite the trauma of his past, and there is now a cute video to show it. Wildlife enthusiast Toogee Sielsch has recorded Tamarack’s activities on trail cameras positioned across the woodland close to his home ever since Tamarack’s escape last summer.
It is obvious the orphaned bear cub has beaten the odds from that vantage point.

But Tamarack isn’t just getting by; he’s prospering.

Recent footage from one of Sielsch’s cameras shows Tamarack stopping by a sizable puddle to take a bath. But he wasn’t by alone. Tamarack was accompanied by a toy bear figure that he had apparently found and made friends with.

Here is a video:

The origin of the bear toy is unknown, but Tamarack obviously treasures it. They were together, and Sielsch grinned.

According to Sielsch, “I thought how it was practically a perfect representation of the fun of not only juvenile black bears, but of them all.”

The video above, however, just represents the most recent triumph in the life of a bear whose journey had a difficult beginning. And perhaps the best is still to come.

“Watching his growth against all odds as an orphaned and recovering cub of the year, now yearling, makes my heart extremely glad,” Sielsch added. It demonstrates the resilience of wildlife in the face of adversity.




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