Old Beggar Passed Away, But This Stray Dog Still Goes Find Food For His Close Friend

Dogs are incredibly devoted and affectionate creatures, and the relationship they have with their owners is quite unique. Because of this, there are a lot of heartwarming tales of devoted pets that are posted on social media, moving and making readers feel sorry for them.

As a result, many people have lately been moved to tears by the tale of a stray puppy that was recently published on the Sohu (China) page. Particularly in a tiny village in Shandong, China, locals regularly come with a stray dog prowling about hunting for food near residents’ homes.

The dog is frequently fed by people and has grown used to this area since it is a very friendly and attractive dog. Despite the fact that a lot of people want to adopt the dog, none has since they are worried that the dog can transmit contagious diseases to people. During the chilly winter of the previous year, witnesses witnessed a wild dog emerge with the elderly beggar who resided beneath the bridge.

The elderly beggar shared a shelter from the wind and rain with the stray dog, despite the fact that he was unable to provide for him for even one day. The two unhappy lives relied on one another to stay warm as they endured the bitter winter together. One may say that the dog is a very special buddy to the elderly beggar; due to the dog’s looks, the elderly guy is also noticed and given extra money.

This continued until one day a local man unintentionally came upon a stray dog acting abnormally. The dog continually digs and cries out for food from people, but he never immediately eats like dogs do by nature. Instead, he made the decision to send the food to the spot where he and the elderly beggar “lived” beneath the bridge.

Days later, the child saw the dog doing the same thing, and he decided to follow the dog covertly to see what had become of the animal. Unexpectedly, the child was surprised and moved to tears by the situation when he arrived. The dog was laying close to the elderly beggar when the youngster arrived, surrounded by food that the dog had recently brought back for the man. Sadly, the elderly guy was unable to see this since he had passed away.

The man eventually had to call the police to handle the matter because the elderly beggar had no family, so they took over after determining that the cause of death was a cold complication. The elderly guy was to be taken to be cremated, and the police had assigned someone to manage the aftermath.

The wild dog seemed to realize what had happened after seeing the entire incident. It collected the remains of a human life as it silently traveled from one person to the next. The elderly beggar under the bridge quickly vanished, but the dog stayed there and maintained a dejected attitude.

The dog was adopted since his circumstances were so appalling; nevertheless, a few days later, somebody observed the dog walking about beneath the bridge. He appears to still be holding out and is persistently watching for the veteran beggar to show up.
Many people were moved by the Shandong story of the dog and the elderly beggar, and many of them posted comments saying:

Dogs have always been our devoted and beloved friends.
Although he is exceedingly loving, the dog’s partner has left him.
In the afterlife, hopefully, the dog will be able to dwell quietly in its owner’s affection.




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