This Veterinarian Is Walking Around California Treating Homeless People’s Animals For Free

A heroic veterinarian, Dr. Stewart Kwane is making a real difference in the world. During his formative years, he spent much of his time trying to save stray animals, which eventually led him to become a veterinarian, and he has been saving countless animals ever since.

Now, he’s known as “The Street Vet” because of the amazing work he’s doing to help the pets of California’s homeless population.

As the US was being hit by an economic crisis in 2007, Dr. Kwane realized he needed to help those who struggled to provide their animals with proper medical care in order to be truly helpful.

“I’d been practising high-end medicine for clients who could pay for everything. But suddenly I was thrown into this economic war and people couldn’t even afford to help their pets,” Dr. Kwane told CNN.

Poverty is hard enough to suffer on your own, but being unable to give someone you love the help they need is absolutely soul-crushing. And unfortunately, that is the reality for many of our poor.

But Dr. Kwane is trying his best to give as many people as possible access to veterinary care for their beloved pets.

Since 2011, he’s been out on the streets of California, offering free treatments.

Dr. Kwane began his practice by providing free check-ups at a soup kitchen and was overwhelmed with the response; people immediately lined up to see him.

As a result of the high demand for his services, Dr. Kwane now spends his weekends offering his services free of charge to the community.

Thanks to his trusty medical bag, Dr. Kwane is able to treat a number of minor ailments on the spot.

But if a pet has a more serious complaint, that doesn’t mean that they’re out of luck; Dr. Kwane is happy to pay for medical bills, vaccines and anything else they need to recover.

A surgery or other major treatment can cost several thousand dollars, but Dr. Kwane covers the cost. While the extremely dedicated veterinarian covers most medical expenses by himself, he funds surgeries and similarly expensive treatments through his GoFundMe.

Dr. Kwane’s compassion, skill and dedication have changed the lives of countless people and their pets.

He is saving lives and providing an essential service for people who, if it wasn’t for him, would have nowhere to turn to for help.

Pets provide love and companionship to many homeless people. There is often prejudice and abuse facing homeless people, but their pets offer them a ray of hope and happiness.

Dr. Kwane is very dedicated to continuing his mission, and he hopes to eventually grow the initiative and get more vets involved. That way, even more people and their pets would be able to get access to proper care. This would mean the world to so many little families in need.

This is an amazing initiative by Dr. Kwane, and we hope more vets will follow suit. The lack of access to a vet should never cause anyone to lose a friend!




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