Dog Barks For Help Inside Hot Car While Owners Are At The Beach, And Officers Break Window To Save Him

Many of us associate summer with sunshine, fresh air, joy, and relaxation.
And the summer season ought to bring joy to everyone, even our four-legged friends. However, because their negligent owners abandon them all together in extremely hot cars during the summer, many innocent puppies experience dread and even death.

Every year, dogs suffer unnecessary deaths from being abandoned in warm automobiles by careless owners. It’s shocking that people are still putting their pets’ lives in danger in this way because it’s absolutely preventable and heartbreaking. Police in Clearwater, Florida, had to free a dog that was scorching inside a locked car after hearing it howling for assistance.

The police were called to the scene after staff at the Holiday Inn & Suites had heard the poor pup barking for its life.

They contacted the police who rushed to the scene and found the dog locked inside a dangerously hot car.

The police quickly smashed the car window and extricated the poor dog.
They rehydrated the dog with water, and they also cooled it off by stroking it with cool water.

Animal Control arrived around 15 minutes after the pup had been rescued, and when they measured the temp of the car, the temp was at 94,6 degrees despite the car being left open.

The authorities are persuaded that the temperature must have been at least 100 degrees when the dog was trapped in the car, which had all of its doors closed and its windows up.

The dog’s owners allegedly left it in the car while they went to the beach. It appears that they believed the value of their sunny day to be greater than the life of their sad puppy.

There’s no doubt that the police saved this poor pups life. Overheating is incredibly dangerous and kills many dogs each year. Leaving a dog locked in a hot car is animal abuse and absolutely despicable.

The police said that the case had been “submitted to the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s Office for prosecution” in a Facebook post.
It appears that the careless owners will be held accountable and that this adorable little dog won’t have to go through anything so horrible again.




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