Severely Injured Stray Mother Dog is Still Running Everywhere In Pain To Raise Her Puppies, Who Haven’t Opened Their Eyes Yet

In order to feed her four young dog pups while they were still able to open their eyes, a gravely injured wild girl was forced to rush about searching for food.
Before she opened her eyes, a Chinese man found a yellow stray dog scouring the area for food to feed her four young pups. Then, this guy asked the emergency station for help.
Even though she is unable to express fullness, the fact that this woman has been there for a while and is fed by those around her helps her get through the day.

However, this stray lady recently gave birth of four babies, so she needed more and more food, so she had to run around looking for food to get breast milk.

All five mothers and children lived in an abandoned house, huddled in a corner to stay warm and gazed out at the desolate landscape, rendering the rescue workers helpless. When approached, they discovered that the mother had lost a lot of weight and was peeling a painful patch of skin.

Even though the mother’s serious wound was causing her anguish, she made an effort to escape so she could get food for her kids.

The staff hurried the mother, her five children, and all of them to the special care facility, where they attended to the mother’s serious wound.

The mother and her puppies are cared for every day without having to work hard for every meal, and they are housed in a central barn at their own height.

The four kids are healthy and beautiful because their mothers take good care of them. Even the kids’ eyes haven’t opened yet.




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