She Died In Freezing Cold And Starvation, A Mother Dog Sacrifices Her Life To Save Her 7 Pups

The sight of a mother dog cradling her cubs in her arms and pledging to die from the cold to keep them warm, as well as seven puppies that refused to leave their mother’s lap in spite of being hungry and freezing, brought many people to tears.
The north of Russia is notorious for having some of the lowest temperatures in the world, with readings of -55 or even -66 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in various parts of the country range from 0 to -40 degrees Celsius. Stray animals that cannot find shelter will struggle to survive in such extreme cold.

On the morning of December 20, a snow removal worker saw some puppies huddling together for warmth, the little bodies trembling and then wailing while rubbing their noses at the mother dog. terribly poor He approached the mother dog to examine it when he finally did, but it had stiffened up since then.

The poor mother dog was found dead, lying on her side nursing her cubs. The man rushed to find a cardboard box to transport the seven puppies, but as he was about to pick them up, they bolted. In it, the youngest dog is still cowering in fear and biting her mother’s body.

The sight of seven puppies refusing to leave their mother’s lap in spite of being hungry and cold and a mother dog keeping her cubs in her arms and pledging to die from the cold to keep them warm touched the snowman. He went to the rescue facility as a result, where he collaborated with the workers to locate the small dogs. However, as soon as they got there, a snowfall struck, so they had no choice but to leave the mother dog’s carcass where it was. The puppies, however, abruptly came back to find their mother.

Mother dog keeps her cubs warm until they die in the middle of a blizzard, 7 puppies who refuse to leave their mother break people’s hearts 1.

Puppies return to their mother’s lap during the storm. Fortunately, this was only a minor blizzard that caused no major damage. It took them nearly two days, however, to find all of the puppies. After checking, the rescue station staff discovered that the mother dog’s neck was wearing a red collar, indicating that this dog had an owner. However, it is unclear whether it was abandoned or lost. The mother dog died from a combination of starvation, exhaustion, and freezing to death.

The compassionate man and the rescue crew were unable to save the mother dog, but they were able to deliver 7 puppies to the neighborhood animal shelter. After receiving urgent care for a few days, they are now healthy and getting set to spend Christmas at the rescue center with the other dogs.

Here are some images of the puppies being “dressed up” for Christmas by the rescue facility staff:




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