Stray Dog “Mysteriously” Appeared At School Every Morning, So The Teacher Got Involved

Teachers want to see students, buses, and a busy day beginning when they arrive at school each morning. They weren’t prepared to see a dog standing outside the school. A Houston, Texas, elementary school teacher experienced exactly what you describe. The dog was literally standing by the entrance to the school.

When teacher Caleb Schaffer arrives at the office, he notices a cute puppy standing at the door. Shaffer was approached by the dog as it rocked, but the teacher had to go for class so he moved on. He went back to check on the lab mix outside the building because he couldn’t help but think about him. Sadly, the dog has vanished.

Animal control tried unsuccessfully to catch the dog. Sure enough, the dog reappeared at the door the next morning, and Shaffer saw him. The man repeated the same procedure and the dog went missing again later in the day. He did notice how bad the dog’s skin was and how he was whining and scratching at it.

Finally, on the third day, the dog was waiting, and Shaffer did something. He walked over to his car, barked the dog in, and the dog got into the car with the man. He brought the dog home to his wife so he could work. Although Shaffer couldn’t keep him, he called for local rescue. No one has a room. He took him to a local animal shelter, where the dog received some basic care and a bath.

He gave him the name Clive and posted a photo of him on the Facebook page for the Houston Emergency Shelter Pet. Fortunately, Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption came across the clip and set up a foster home. Shaffer told his class the tale. He stated in an interview with The Dodo: “Many homeless individuals live there. It allowed me the chance to discuss heartworm prevention, neutering, and the realities of shelters.”




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