Dog With Nose Cut Off Had Little Chance Of Surviving But Her Rescuers Refused To Give Up

When rescuers initially came upon Namtan the dog, she had endured horrendous torment and had little chance of surviving. She was very malnourished as a result of the major cut on her nose and her inability to feed. She was fortunately found by a rescue organization that often saves elephants.

When they saw Namtan, the Save Elephant Foundation in Thailand, which is known for protecting elephants but also cares for other animals, realized they had to save her. Her snout was hanging from her face when they discovered her on the sidewalk. A machete or knife, maybe, had been used to sever it.

She had to work so hard to get food since eating was so difficult for her that she had taken to eating her own excrement.
Finding a veterinarian ready to perform Namtan’s necessary life-saving operation was quite challenging for her rescuers. Numerous veterinarians they contacted with informed them that the surgery would not be feasible because it had been so long since her accident. However, they eventually located a veterinarian willing to attempt to perform the potentially life-saving surgery on her.

Namtan survived thanks to the surgeon’s heroic efforts! When I saw her after the operation, I found it hard to believe. Since her surgery, Namtan’s injury has recovered nicely, and she is currently living at The Elephant Park Sanctuary under the loving care of her rescuers! Namtan was ready to start moving!

Watch the touching footage of her rescue and rehabilitation below.

Warning: video contains graphic imagery that may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.




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