Mama Dog Hesitates At First, Then Leads Rescuers To Where She Had Given Birth

In the dead of winter, “Northeast Animal Rescue” received a call about a stray dog living close to an overpass. All day long, the dog would beg for food from passing motorists on the busy roadways, putting herself in danger. Will, a rescuer, set out to find the puppy and save her before she was struck by a car.

The fragile puppy, eventually called Sierra, is found by Will as he navigates the partially snow-covered roads in this video. He quickly understood that Sierra was a nursing mother and could have recently given birth nearby. According to ilovemydogsomuch, Will sincerely reached out to Sierra and persuaded her to accompany him to her young children.

At first, Sierra hesitated, but she had a deep-seated sense that Will meant good. Hope eventually overcame her worries, and she started racing through the parched fields, stopping sometimes to make sure Will was keeping up. Then, in an old culvert, she unexpectedly vanished. Will knelt down and crept into the tunnel, where he was glad to see Sierra’s puppies safely tucked away in the shadowy space.

Will had first believed that Sierra would carry her litter outside on her own, but he was mistaken. Instead, she started waving her tail and crying weakly at Will, as if she were pleading with him to save her young. Will nodded in appreciation before slithering into the tube. He carefully supervised the extraction of each of Sierra’s babies—two boys and three girls—while the worried mother hovered by his legs.

Once Sierra was certain that her beloved babies were secure, she eagerly hopped into the box. She is currently occupied at the shelter with being a “responsible” mother, and she seemed incredibly appreciative of the quick rescue! We wish this sweet family the best of luck in finding their ideal forever homes!
Click the video link below to see how Sierra successfully rescued her puppies by protecting them over the cold.




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