Stray Dog Chases After Woman’s Car Hoping To Be Rescued

Knowing you helped someone because you were in the right location at the right time is the best feeling in the world. One of the nicest things you can do is to assist those who are unable to repay you. Of course, unselfish compassion has advantages for things other than individuals. Animals can also require assistance.

When Orphan Pet employee Valia Orfanidou was traveling around Greece, she came upon a little animal that required assistance. She saw a little black and white pup emerge from the bushes as she was driving.

Valia noticed in her rearview mirror that the little pooch was chasing her car. She knew immediately that she had to help. And that is when she pulled her car over to lend her assistance.

Unfortunately, stray animals are common in Greece. Valia has assisted animals in need on more than one occasion. While it’s possible that this small dog followed her automobile and wanted to be saved, it wasn’t simple.

Valia stepped out of her car to provide assistance, but the little dog resisted. He concealed himself under her car’s tires. Thank goodness Valia waited.

She was aware that it wouldn’t be simple to catch the puppy, but she ultimately succeeded in doing so and managed to get him into the safety of her automobile. The small dog appeared to be at ease as soon as he got in the backseat of her automobile. He even started to wag his tail!

Valia quickly arranged for the puppy to be examined by a doctor. He fortunately received a clear medical report. The moniker Bandit was subsequently given to him.

Little Bandit eventually went off to a foster home with a family living in Athens, where he’d wait for his forever home.

How lucky Bandit was that Valia happened to be passing by at the right moment to rescue him.

Watch the video of his rescue below:




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