Bus Station Opens Doors To St.ray Dogs So They Have A Warm Place To Sleep In To Escape The Cold

For some, the fall and winter months mark the start of the holiday season, while for others, they signal the start of a difficult time.

Everyone in the cold winter has a comfortable haven to go back to, but when winter night falls, the wandering dogs must shiver and may even freeze to death. The workers at the Barreirinha bus station in Curitiba, Brazil, are living proof that good people still exist; their tiny but significant deeds.
These street dogs in south Brazil are fortunate to have a warm, comfortable home provided for them.

The employees’ random act of kindness benefitted these three canines, Pitoco, Zoinho, and Max, and everyone is grateful for their efforts.

In addition to problems related to a lack of resources and space in shelters, stray dogs are also more likely to contract illnesses and infections. Recently, Fabiane Rosa, a local politician and animal enthusiast, was drawn to this act of kindness shown to Max, Pitoco, and Zoinho.

Fabiane took this photo of the puppies one day as she passed by the bus stop and saw them all curled up in their tiny blanket bundles. Photos were uploaded to Facebook and quickly went viral!

“Congratulations to the terminal staff, everyone understands that these angels are there and have a right to be. So many companies in Curitiba could follow this example, adopting a pet. Of course it is not the ideal, but at least there are those who are looking after them.”

It is true that even seemingly insignificant deeds of compassion can have a big impact. Hopefully, this deed of compassion will serve as a catalyst for other businesses to join in the effort to show love to homeless dogs, which will improve the world.




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