Golden Retriever ᴀʙᴀɴᴅoɴᴇᴅ At Beach With 46-Pound Tumor Could Barely Even Walk

As if being abandoned by their family at a beach in Newport, California wasn’t horrible enough, this specific canine formerly had a family. He was lugging an extra 46 pounds around due to a tumor developing on his side, which made problems worse.

The dog, now known as Henry, was fortunately seen strolling the beach by a kind stranger who alerted Valerie Schomburg of Newport Beach Animal Control. Nothing could have prepared the NBAC rescuers for Henry’s appearance, even though they were accustomed to picking up abandoned canines in poor condition.

He was unable to walk since the tumor was pressing against his right front leg near his shoulder due to its size.  He had trouble not only finding food, but also getting around. Henry still had a zest for life despite all of the challenges he had faced in such a short time.

He adored everyone he met and was perpetually cheerful and wagging his tail. Anyone who got close enough to Henry would get a kiss from him. Thankfully, Schomburg was able to raise enough money for Henry to undergo surgery to remove the gallbladder tumor with the aid of grants. Despite the tumor’s canserous nature, it did not grow further.

Henry experienced a significant weight loss as a result of the successful surgery. After the tumor was removed, he gained 78 pounds and could now move about without any difficulties. After the media covered his story, Henry rose to local fame and now has fans all around the world.

People brought him presents and snacks from all over the world to show their appreciation for being moved by his story. Henry passed away gently while resting, but not before making the most of his time here and experiencing love for the first time. His infectious smile and continuous tail-wag were signs of his unbridled enthusiasm for life.

Even though the news of his passing is heartbreaking, some positive developments have occurred. They did more research and were able to find the former owner of Henry. She has been charged by the OC District Attorney’s Office, and her criminal case is currently pending.




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