Abused Dog Isolated Herself From The World

Hary used to be a stray dog. It’s been a year since the guardian ( her owner) took Harry as a family, yet she hasn’t overcome her trauma from the past… She only sits inside her house and stays still. Having a closer look, we could see traces of abuse on her body. Is there any way to regain trust from her?

Harry used to be a stray dog who wandered around in a small village in China. Harry is curled up in this little house, all scared.. Anytime she sees a person, she’d froze like a stone. Even when her name is called, she’d be scared.

Her owner said ” She wouldn’t come out, never, she stays like that in the room all day. She doesn’t do anything but stays in her room curled up in the corner…”

Harry has been living with them for a year, but she still isn’t accepting of the guardian. The keeper made chicken soup. In the hopes that she would eat part of it when no one was looking, he left the food there and allowed her some room. Attempting to assist, a production team from the well-known Chinese YouTube channel Kritter Klub set up a camera before leaving the area.

Despite the fact that nobody else is present, she remains still.

After a while. She moves toward the meal, but her alignment is off. She returned to her residence after being startled by the barking of another dog. Even after it grew dark, she lingered there for a while. The following day, she remains in her room.

Guardian (her owner) said” It’s such a nice day today, so I want to take her out for fresh air… Let’s go out and hang out with friends, Harry, let’s go! This is the only way to get her move”

“It’s difficult to read Harry’s mind What’s happened to her that made her so terrified of people? A year ago, she was spotted on the street looking anxious. It seemed like she’s escaped from somewhere. A year has passed… and the scar still hasn’t healed.”

The production crew took a vet with them and he tried relax her, yet she’s already tense even before the vet touches her. Vet said “Her heart is beating fast. It seems like she’s calm but she’s very scared, her heart is beating very fast. She can’t even look at me or bark and run away… she’s just holding it in.”
Fortunately, there was no problem with her health. What’s left is to take her out of her room and help her to come out into the world.

Vet said ” This black house is very firm. This gives her comfort mentally, but also it provides a stronger wall from the outside world. I think it’s right to remove this house first” Production crew stepped in to help Harry, too. The veterinarian advised the production team that she feels better at ease being moved while being held as opposed to being on a leash. She appears to be very nervous as they take her outside the house. She drank herself because she was so nervous. So that Harry wouldn’t feel lonely, the guardian kept her company constantly. She doesn’t get startled when people try to touch her now. She used to flinch when approached by someone. Not anymore.

“I’m going to be here with her whenever I have free time. I’ll be by her side and be her friend. I’ll make her a bright little girl”

Harry can now observe the guardian. We can see hope now. Harry kept to herself since she still had a bad recollection of being abandoned. The guardian is showing her a lot of love and affection, but we don’t know when it will be completely cured. We sincerely hope that there are no more nameless abandoned dogs in the world because many of them, like Harry, are struggling with traumatic memories of the time they spent with their families.




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