Badly Injured Pit Bull Rescued From Fighting Gets Warm Bath For The First Time

One dog was found alive by a real estate agent who got lost and wound up in what looks to be a dog fighters’ waste. After getting lost while showing a property in Rock Hill, real estate agent Casey Lawrence discovered the injured Pit Bull abandoned in the woods. The dog was presumably used as a bait dog by dog fighters before being abandoned and left to perish. Animal carcasses and bones were all around him!

Thankfully, Casey discovered the dog—now known as Rambo—in time. She hurried Rambo to the Baxter Animal Hospital. Rambo was badly hurt, covered in bite marks and abrasions, and his leg wounds had developed gangrene. The team of the facility got to work on trying to save Rambo’s life. They meticulously cleaned his wounds.

He received IV antibiotics, and they kept a tight eye on him. Rambo was able to sit up and somewhat wag his tail after two days.

Much to the relief of his veterinarians, he even showed some interest in eating.

Unfortunately, Rambo is still in trouble. He had to amputate his right rear leg since it was so badly hurt.

Because of the extent of Rambo’s injuries, he was moved to Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) for further treatment.

“Both hind limbs have suffered trauma likely due to ties around his ankles,” CARE wrote on Facebook. “He is a trooper and will wag his tail and give kisses despite the abuse he has endured.”

The doctors are hoping to save Rambo’s left leg, which they say is “still in limbo”.

Every Life Matters Animal Rescue is supporting Rambo during his recovery. In a strike of good fortune it turns out that realtor Casey is a board member for the rescue! They wrote the following update on YouCaring after Rambo’s first surgery: “He’s been very out of it today from the anesthesia but he knows your there, when you leave he puts his paw up for you to come back.”

According to the rescue, they are hoping that police look into the area where Casey discovered Rambo to see if they can determine who is responsible for the illegal acts.

In the interim, Rambo’s rescuers are crossing their hopes that he will keep improving! He is such a brave soul!

Rambo lives in a beautiful, caring family where he is given a lot of attention.




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