Old pregnant mare beats the odds to give birth to ‘rare’ healthy twin foals

We may be used to seeing twins in the human world but when it comes twins in the equestrian world, it is an uncommon sight to watch, says pintiks

Having twin foals is really unusual. In actuality, only approximately one in 10,000 cases—as opposed to three in every hundred in humans—result in twin foals.

Only approximately nine percent of twin pregnancies in mares will be carried to term.
Therefore, the birth of twin foals by the 16-year-old American Paint horse Tiki garnered widespread media interest.

The Mason family, who oversaw this wonderful elder mother’s pregnancy and made sure she had regular ultrasounds to keep an eye on the infants, made sure she did everything correctly the entire time.

2011 saw the healthy birth of her lovely calves at the Conley and Koontz Equine Hospital in Columbia City, Indiana.

The 86-pound colt was delivered first, at around five minutes past midnight, and was as healthy as, well, a horse, according to the Huntington County Tab. The 59-pound filly was born roughly 10 minutes after the stroke of midnight. Although the filly was the smaller of the two, she ended out being the strongest of the two since she was up and moving around within ten minutes of giving birth, according to Laura Mason.

Her owners kept a close watch on Tiki as it’s not uncommon for mares of twin foals to abandon one or both of her babies, yet Tiki never rejected Woodcock Pocket and Charming Opal. She proved to be a loving, attentive mom.

Since horses are not built to have twins, Tiki’s ability to have healthy twins at the age of 16 and not have one of them rejected is not only stunning, but also quite unusual.




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