The Kind Pit Bull Gave Up Her Home To The Pregnant Stray Cat And Stood Guard As She Gave Birth To The Kittens

Pit bulls are always good dogs.

Pit bulls are loving, loyal canines who function better when with people they care about. Pit bull Hades, who resides in Mexico with his family, is demonstrating to everyone just how large of a heart this dog has.

Owner of Hades Juan José P. Flores is kind toward animals in need. Flores saw a stray cat wandering around the neighborhood and decided to leave food out so it wouldn’t go hungry. He had no idea that Hades was friends with the small cat.

Hades, a kind and loving dog, recognized that his kitten companion was in trouble and suggested that his home serve as a refuge.

Hades operates with kindness in everything he does.
One day, Hades was making such a fuss in the backyard that Flores had to go check on what was up. It turned out that Hades, his devoted dog, wanted to show him something in his doghouse. When Flores entered, he discovered a feral cat curled up on plush blankets.

Hades happily informs his father that he has given his home to a stray cat that is expecting a baby. Hades has since remained at his feline friend’s side, keeping watch while the cat gave birth to two kittens. “I think the dog feels like he’s already a parent,” Flores said to The Dodo.

The kittens, who have been given the name Nicol, are gorgeous. When the kittens are older, they will find loving homes, but Nicol will always have a home with them, according to Flores.

The tale offers a fresh perspective on pit bulls.
Online, a picture gained widespread attention, and many joked that the cat was only occupying the dog kennel. Cats have benefitted and now have accommodation without having to pay rent, writes Flores.

In an effort to change people’s perceptions about Pit bulls, Flores shared this heartwarming tale. Pit bulls are good pets, according to Flores. Hades sacrifices all to save others. We should all act similarly without expecting anything in return.

If each of us shows a dog our unconditional love, the dog will show us greater love. 🐶❤️🐾
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