We’re Rescued A Dog With A Hole In Her Head – Threatening And Painful Head Injury.

Dogs have strong souls, which is why we admire them.

A Dog was walking the streets of Bali when we came upon her, suffering from a head injury.
Dog could resemble a lovely, cuddly teddy bear.

When we discovered the dog, she was pacing the streets of Bali while suffering from a severe and potentially fatal head injury.

Although we were aware that she needed to see a veterinarian very away, when we attempted to save her, she fled down a sewer and buried herself there instead.

Hope and a tiny bit of smoke seemed to be the only ways to free her.

He deserves a forever home since he’s a nice dog! 💖
When she at last got to the vet. We had no idea if it had been caused by a person or whether she had gotten into a battle with another dog. We just knew that she required assistance.

We begin their treatment plan based on their identified problems and make sure they are consuming a diet high in nutrients.

The dog’s name, Michi, is really endearing.

Her fur had to be removed by the veterinarians since it was coated in blood, mud, and insects.

He deserves a forever home since he’s a nice dog! 💖
Michi was placed in a foster home.

Although the dog isn’t in a good mood right now, it is gradually returning to health.

Parvovirus was identified as her illness. It’s possible that Michi had it before going into the clinic and the shot brought it out, or she picked it up there.

Fortunately! Because to her advanced age and strong immune system, Michi is able to fend off the infection and live.

She has developed into the stunning Maltese mix that she always was.

The day that Michi met her future mum, Saffron, was heartwarming. Michi now lives in Bali with Saffron and her other rescue dog, Garscon, and the three of them make a pretty special little family.

Today, Michi is so loved. This was only possible thanks to the support of the international dog-loving community.

Such a lovely young lady!

We’re overjoyed that she has a loving family and friends all around her.

favored way of transportation for Michi!

This beautiful dog is so smart and really cute. Her has family and her deserves the best. Love to this baby always. 

We wish this fur baby all the best!! 




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