Desperately exhausted dog, with a pot on his head, lay down and started choking

A call about a hurt stray dog walking about in the neighborhood was made to a rescue organization. This phone call was unusual. The stray dog required more than simply street rescue.
He needed to be saved because otherwise he wouldn’t live. The stray dog was unable to eat or drink because a jar was affixed to his head. The poor puppy was having trouble breathing!

The puppy evaded the rescuers’ attempts to catch it and ran until it took cover under a bridge, where it collapsed exhausted. The only option left to the rescuers was to tranquilizer dart the dog.
He raced off once more after being struck by the dart, but this time he went onto a busy street. Horns from passing cars honked as they sped by. Rescuers pursued the man. The exhausted dog lay down and waited for assistance as the anesthesia started to work.

The dog was then carefully hoisted, and a special instrument was used to remove the jar from its head. The dog gave his rescuers a few licks despite being under the influence of medication and being quite tired. The puppy was then loaded into their car and left in safe hands.
He was returned to the animal shelter by them. He was ecstatic to receive a genuine dinner and a bowl of clean water. Adopters waited in line to see him after the rescue organization shared his tale on social media. He quickly located his permanent home!

Another dog in a like circumstance is the subject of the narrative that follows. Finding your head in a jar is not unusual since stray animals are so hungry. It is, to put it mildly, distressing.

For at than two weeks, this poor dog had been moving around with his head impaled in a plastic container.

He repeatedly evaded the rescue team, forcing them to pursue him. Thankfully, they were able to corner him in a huge field. Knowing he had little energy left, he ultimately gave himself over to the helpful people.

They also employed a unique technique to release him from the container. Now that he’s secure, he’s returned to their refuge. We are really thankful that both pets are secure. Watch the video to find out more.




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