Homeless Dog Cried Like Human While Being Rescued, And Now She Gets Permanent Home

All abandoned animals are defenseless and feeble. Nobody wants to think about the terrible things that these people endure as they valiantly survive outside every day. What these unfortunate animals had to deal with in the past, when they lived with their humans in a house. What made them feel so terrified that they don’t want to let anyone get close to them?

Before someone noticed the German Shepherd and asked Hope For Paws for assistance, she had been living beneath a van for many days. Without hesitation, the rescue crew arrived to save her.

The dog hid under the car because she was so terrified. She had such sad-looking eyes, and her clothing was dirty. She received a cheeseburger from the savior, but the dog did not. She cried out inconsolably because she was too terrified to contain herself. It had the sound of a person sobbing in agony and helplessness. They made an effort to catch her, but it was difficult since she was able to escape.

After calming her down and securing the puppy, they gave her the name Rain. She remained motionless while sitting with a dejected look, not even responding to people’s touches. When she finally decided to go with them, she appeared to be a little more at ease, as if she realized she was now in capable hands. She had a fresh, happy life in front of her.

Thankfully, Rain found a family two weeks later. She changed her name to Sassy Pants Dunbar and stopped being afraid. It was great to see how her expression turned from sadness to joy. Whatever occurred in her past just remained in the past. Sassy Pants Dunbar deserved the finest of everything since she was such a beautiful child. She had a playmate in her bigger brother and a loving owner who would be there for her always.

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