Rescue Two Abandoned Dogs Crying For Help In A Sewer And Take Them Home

We just have no notion how many helpless creatures there are in need. Small voices don’t seem to be heard, despite their great need for someone to recognize them and save them from the loneliness and darkness of homelessness. They are rarely capable of anything but pitifully daily struggles for survival.

Fortunately, two children who heard the screams of two abandoned dogs living in a sewer and then phoned Hope For Paws were able to save them. For them, a doorway into a new existence began to open.

The two children and the dogs were still present when the rescue crew arrived on the site. When they descended to the sewer, they discovered two filthy canines huddled together. Nobody knew who had the guts to abandon these lovely canines here or how long they were forced to live in such terrible conditions. They were a little scared, but they really needed assistance, so they allowed the rescuer to approach them and gave them snacks.

They gave the dogs names—the female was named Dixie and the male was named Winn—and slowly and carefully placed leashes around their necks. After removing the puppies from the sewer, they continued walking toward their car. The dogs enthusiastically wagged their tails as they traveled because they were so happy to know they were spared.

It made me happy to see the cute dogs receiving tender care and a secure location to reside for the time being. Wags and Walks quickly located Dixie and Winn a permanent family following their rescue! The two cute canines didn’t separate from one another even briefly as they transitioned from a filthy sewer to a clean, cozy home. They could now enjoy a lovely life with loving owners who would provide them with ongoing care and affection.

The adorable dogs were overjoyed to see their rescuers once more. They most definitely didn’t forget about the folks that assisted them while they were in need.

Send a heartfelt thank you to the excellent rescuers and the outstanding kids; you guys did a fantastic job.

Here is a link to the rescue video:




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