A four-year-old dog that had been tied outside is now adored and very happy

On a farm in central Georgia earlier this year, a forlorn little dog was found chained to a tree without any food, water, or protection from climate change. For four years, he was confined in these circumstances.

He had an awful appearance, weighing just around 11 kilograms when a pit bull should weigh between 20 and 30 kilograms, and had injuries on his neck from the chains.

The Cordele Animal Shelter shared the story and some heartbreaking pictures with the public on social media after receiving an anonymous complaint.

The poor creature really needed a new home where he could experience the love he had been lacking.

The public’s response to the dog’s tale was tremendously positive; they spread it widely, and the Go Dogs Go Rescue Inc group did not hesitate to go to the scene as soon as possible to rescue it. They were willing to change the course of his life.

Fortunately, the dog formerly known as “Cocaine” was quickly taken in by a foster family and is currently making good progress toward recovery.

He has also been given the title “Hero” in honor of his bravery and fortitude, and the amazing changes he has gone through as a consequence of the love of his rescuers.

He was found to have heartworm, a parasite that affects the heart and arteries. This was concerning, but an update from the rescue team indicates that he has now fully recovered after getting therapy.

On Facebook, the foster mother gave an update:

He is great; I gave him a light meal and placed him in his kennel. He entered by himself and settled down; he has a night light and a radio.




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